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Do you need English at work?

Business English is an ideal course for people working in an international environment or looking for work in various industries.

During classes we put emphasis on:

  • collecting and supplementing knowledge in the field of business vocabulary;
  • discovering industry vocabulary in the field of management, law, banking, finance, medicine, logistics, trade, marketing, hospitality, tourism, technology, IT, etc.
  • knowledge of formal phrases, polite forms and grammatical structures at levels A2-C1;
  • developing communication skills necessary to function in an English-speaking environment in business situations;
  • developing the knowledge of basic forms of correspondence: letter, email, memorandum, article, information leaflet, list, report, business plan;
  • practising the skills of expressing opinions, giving presentations, taking an active part in discussions, debates, negotiations, etc.

The course is available in traditional form and on an innovative online platform:

Princeton E-Academy