Courses for foreigners

Princeton Language Academy offers best quality English and Polish courses for adults: both students and professionals

  • Our teachers are most experienced, highly qualified, extremely enthusiastic and very effective in teaching practical language skills
  • We organize English and Polish courses at all levels: from Elementary A1 to Proficiency C2, University prep-courses and exam-courses
  • Customized form of classes: small groups, individual “one to one” and in-company courses
  • Professional consultancy and help in choosing the right course
  • Variety of programmes: general courses, exam preparation and specialized courses.
  • In-house examination sessions

Why Princeton Academy?

Experience in teaching foreigners
We understand that depending on your mother tongue, you might have different learning needs. In Princeton we adjust the programme so that you can spend more hours on practicing, for example, communication skills.
Lovely atmosphere
Princeton offer all kinds of events that will help you improve your English, meet new friends and have fun fun fun!
Great location
Princeton Academy is situated in a historical building in the very heart of Warsaw, 5 minute walk from the metro station, right next to the Warsaw University and Nowy Świat- main street full of tourist attractions, pubs, night clubs and restaurants leading to Krakowskie Przedmieście and the Old Town.
Polish language courses
If you decided you like Poland so much you want to stay for longer or you just want to impress your Polish friends – at Princeton you can also learn Polish!

What do we Offer?

POLISH FOR FOREIGNERS courses are designed for students who want to start or continue learning Polish (to improve level and/or complete any lacks). Emphasis placed on acquiring solid bases of grammar and vocabulary will smooth the path and speed up learning Polish. Practical exercises will give you ideal opportunity to break language barrier, improve fluency and accuracy of speaking Polish. Additionally, we offer preparation for certificated exam (BUWiMW) or international Polish exam (ELC).

CONVERSATIONS/GENERAL ENGLISH focused on development of all language skills : writing, speaking , listening and reading necessary to communicate in different situations in both everyday and professional life . Different teaching methods and techniques used during the classes are customized to each participant. Emphasis is placed on speaking, practical use of grammar and vocabulary and improving fluency in communication. Every meeting has a form of discussion or is conducted with other methods which are supposed to activate speaking adjusted to the level of students.

EXAM COURSES: FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS, TOEFL, LCCI English for Business, TOLES aimed at reviewing grammar and vocabulary, completing and improving knowledge on a certain level and getting to know the rules, structures and techniques of a given exam, it’s requirements and types of questions. The classes are conducted with the use of course books, tests and authentic exam materials.

SPECIALIZED COURSES: BUSINESS ENGLISH, FINANCIAL, TECHNICAL, LEGAL, IT, MEDICAL, PRESENTATIONS etc. dedicated to those who want to get to know or extend their knowledge of vocabulary and usage of specialized language in their professional environment: business, banking, finance, marketing, law, medicine, IT. Apart from course books for professionals, the course is based on specialized articles, publications, technical documentation, graphs, websites etc.

If you require any further information, feel free to contact us.



 Numbers of hours:  60h  30h
 Economic (9-12 st.):  1129 PLN  569 PLN
 Standard (4-8 st.):  1369 PLN  689 PLN
 Elite (2-3 st.):  2690 PLN  1345 PLN


 Numbers of hours:  60h  30h
 Economic (9-12 st.):  1229 PLN  625 PLN
Standard (4-8 st.):  1569 PLN  789 PLN
Elite (2-3 st.):  3450 PLN  1725 PLN


From 70 PLN / 45 minutes
CLASS SCHEDULE: 2 x 2 h, 3 x 2 h, 4 x 3 h per week
flexible timing, intensity and duration of the course