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Princeton Language Academy gives its students and teachers contact with casual language through unique meetings with comedians from the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

Benefits of stand-up:
– contact with the actual language in its varieties,
– understanding colloquial language,
– understanding jokes, puns in English.

Stand up Comedy with Princeton Academy!

Stand Up Comedy is a wonderful form of art where one person goes up on stage and entertains his audience with the use of jokes and storytelling. This form of entertainment which has existed since men gathered around a fire, has risen in popularity in the last couple of years. In America and Great Britain Stand Up comedians fill out clubs, theatres and even stadiums! Being aware of how important it is to be in a natural English speaking environment, Princeton Academy has partnered up with English Stand Up Poland to supply its students with live acts of Europe’s best comedians. Hosting these shows is a young Polish comedian aka ‘Sexy Pete’, who lived in Australia and Ireland as a child and decided to travel the world and perform Stand up Comedy in over 30 countries during a crazy 409 day-trip. Apart from the main act (a professional comedian), there will also be local amateur English speaking comedians performing on the night, which will give the audience a chance to listen to different English accents.